5 kva silent generator

During this time, the market is introducing Generator for power backups, which can be defined as a generator is a machine which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators are useful in a planned and unplanned situation 

15 kva silent generator price is the best for the power supply in small factories as well as in commercial areas. 15kVA DG Set is popular for its quality of fuel efficiency which can consume fuel and reduces the fume as well as noise which produce by generators.

Silent Generators 15kVA

Product Specification


Genset Rating 15kVA
Voltage  380V
Fuel Diesel, petrol, Natural gas
Cooling System Air& Water-cooled
Noise Soundproof
Type Automatic &Semi -automatic
Output Single-phase, Three-phase
Rated speed 1500 RPM
Frequency 50Hz
Aspiration TA
Insulation Class H
Alternator Stanford
No. of Cylinder 2 or 3
Brands Kirloskar, Mahindra, Honda


15 kVA Diesel generators 

Product Specification 

The diesel generator uses natural aspiration, dry type air filter & liquid-cooling.15kVA Diesel Gensets are also portable and famous for flexibility.


Genset Rating 15kVA
Fuel Diesel
Type Automatic, Semi-automatic
Phase Single & Three phase
Noise  Silent
Cooling Method Air, Water-cooling
Brands Koel, Mahindra, Honda
Voltage 320V
Frequency 50Hz
Aspiration TA
Insulation Class H
No.of Cylinder 2 to 3
Power factor 0.8(lagging)


.As related to 15kVA Diesel Genset, Single phase 15kVA generators also have their own specifications which are useful for users to differentiate from three-phase Genset features according to their powers need.

Benefits of 15kVA Generator

We all know that 15kVA Gensets are useful for commercial use as well as for industrial .15kVA DG sets price is also affordable in the market with all specifications. Its manufacturing is very suitable for a compact design to place anywhere in a job location.

  • Helpful in-home or business power appliances during any planned or unplanned power failure.
  • Due to its best in class fuel efficiency, they are more cost-effective during operation which helps to save money.
  • The compact design of a portable generator which can place in a small area at the home or business site.
  • Also helpful in any big or large event or any outdoor recreational activity.
  • 15kVA Power Gensets are more popular for their unmatched space efficiency in every job location.
  • Due to the low maintenance of 15kVA silent Gensets, they will give you great work experience.

Hence we can say that it will be useful for their work according to your needs based on the low cost. And also we can say that 15kVA Gensets are only beneficial for all recreation work at job locations.

Reason to buy 15kVA Gensets

As if we know that 15kVA DG set, are useful for commercial as well as for industrial work. Due to the compact design of 15kVA Gensets, it can be easily installed in any small area where it is necessary to place. 

Some reasons are below which are the reasons to choose 15kVA generators for your uses:

  • Low Price
  • Flexibility
  • Product guarantee
  • Testing Before installation
  • Low maintenance


Now we come to the conclusion part about 15kVA DG Sets, that generator is useful for the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. 15KVA is also the Genset which provides fuel efficiency based output by which we can control the fume as well as control the noise i.e soundless.

About 15kVA DG SET one thing is also best in that which is low-cost maintenance which can be affordable for every user. And also famous for their unmatched space efficiency in a job location where we need.

In the end, we can say that 15kVA Gensets is good for less noise and also useful for various power generators such as Single-phase and three-phase portable Genset.


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