Apple Company to Make It Easier to Unlock iPhone While Wearing a Face Mask


The Apple Company is found to have a new feature in there pipeline its will make it easier to unlock your Face ID-supporting to iPhone even while wearing a face mask. These new change, which users have spotted within the latest developer beta version of iOS 13.5, its essentially skips the Face ID functionality & lets you enter your passcode directly if you have a mask on your face. It is useful for especially in the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has brought many changes to our lives, & one of those is the general practice of wearing face masks while stepping out of homes.


By default to the iPhone X & later models use Face ID for the authentication its based on the facial data it gets from there TrueDepth camera.The Users also However its have to the option to swipe up there screen & enter their passcode. In the latest iOS 13.5 developer beta build, Apple has enabled there system to jump directly to the passcode-entry screen if Face ID detects a mask or any similar object on your face. This skips these default Face ID screen as well as the (Swipe up to unlock) option.


The Users including Robert Petersen are posted screenshots on There Twitter to give a glimpse at the new addition.

Robert Petersen are posted screenshots on There Twitter


The Limited to be developers initially


These feature is provided only to developers through the latest Apple iOS 13.5 beta version. It is, expected that Apple would bring it to the public in the upcoming days.These Fresh change is welcomed by many users as it allows people to unlock their iPhone without removing their face mask. The Some tricked solutions existed in the past to train Face ID to unlock an iPhone with a mask. Whenever Apple Company has not yet provided a native option. It is also, of course, not recommended to use an unofficial way for unlocking as it may eventually put your precious data at the risk.


The API to enable contact tracing through third-party apps


The update designed to ease any unlocking in the new Apple iOS 13.5 developer beta build includes an API that Apple & Google have developed in partnership to allow contact tracing apps curb the coronavirus spread globally. These is a dedicated setting to enable notifications through third-party contact tracing apps. The both tech giants are in plans to ultimately enable contact tracing intrinsically on Android & iOS devices.






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