In the world of bedding, memory foam is everywhere. Mattresses, mattress toppers, bed pillows, and travel pillows made with memory foam are easy to return by, both online and in stores.

best memory foam pillows 2020 – contouring and pressure-reliving foamThere may be a good reason for this popularity. Memory foam — also called temper foam — may be a unique, dense foam that’s known for cushioning the body and relieving pressure. it had been originally developed by NASA in 1966 to assist absorb shock and increase protection and luxury in NASA’s airplane seats, consistent with NASA. These qualities make it valuable in some ways , including improving our sleep experience.

before we dive into these pillows, let’s cover some basics. When you’re on the search for a replacement memory foam pillow, it’s important to pay close attention to internal fill, cooling properties, loft, and firmness. Below, I’ll break down the need-to-know info for every factor:

Internal Fill

The first thing to think about about memory foam pillows is internal fill, which usually comes in three styles: shredded, blended, and solid. Each option offers its own distinct feel and level of support, so let’s check out them side by side:

Shredded Memory Foam – Shredded memory foam pillows offer a moldable feel that’s characteristic of this material, but are usually less dense and firm than solid memory foam. If you’re a memory foam fan who prefers an opulent feel, a shredded fill could be the simplest option for you. Plus, shredded memory foam pillows tend to be more breathable than either blended or solid memory foam pillows.

Blended Memory Foam – Bedding brands will sometimes combine shredded memory foam with other materials to make unique hybrid feels. for instance , memory foam are often blended with down-alternatives for a fluffier vibe or with shredded latex for a touch extra bounce. If you wish the thought of memory foam, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by its sinkage and contouring, blended memory foam pillows could work well for you!

One Solid Piece – Pillows crammed with one solid piece of memory foam offer the foremost “classic” memory foam feel therein they’re extra moldable with an excellent slow response to pressure. Folks who wish to sink deeply into their pillow could be most compatible with this sort of fill. One slight caveat is that solid memory foam features a tendency to trap body heat, which can deter hot sleepers. But don’t worry — there are some special cooling properties which will work to mitigate this problem. Speaking of…

Cooling Properties

Unfortunately, memory foam features a reputation for trapping body heat and warming up through the night. And while shredded memory foam can improve breathability, that isn’t always enough for those folks who run extra hot. Luckily, many brands now employ special cooling properties to assuage this overheating, such as:

Cooling Gel Pads – Cooling gel pads are usually placed directly beneath a pillow’s cover fabric, essentially acting as a buffer between you and therefore the memory foam. they create the pillow feel cool to the touch, and are often removable for people looking to experiment with temperature.

phase transition Material – phase transition Material is a complicated cooling textile crafted to form fabric feel incredibly cool to the touch. Of all the choices we’re watching here, this one offers the foremost drastically cooling feel. It are often woven into a pillow’s cover fabric or infused into the memory foam itself. Sleepers who run extremely popular could be best suited to the present super cooling material.

Copper & Graphite Infusions – If you don’t want to sleep on a pillow that feels cool to the touch (but want to form sure it’s not trapping heat either), search for copper and/or graphite infusions. Copper and graphite are often infused within the duvet fabric or internal fill, and may prevent your pillow from absorbing body heat. Just remember that these materials are meant to dissipate heat instead of feel cool on the skin.

Loft & Firmness

Finally, one should consider loft and firmness. The loft (height) and firmness of a pillow say tons about its overall feel and support, and every sleeping position requires something different. Memory foam tends to supply a firmer, denser feel as compared to other materials (like down or latex, for example) which may be ideal for a few sleeping positions and not so great for others. So allow me to supply some tips that could sleepers of all styles:

Side Sleepers – Side sleepers need a high-lofted pillow with a firmer feel so as to take care of healthy posture, which makes memory foam an excellent pick. Just confirm that the pillow’s firmness rating falls within the medium firm range, and features a loft of a minimum of four inches. And remember — a solid piece of memory foam typically offers a firmer feel than shredded pieces.

Back Sleepers – Back sleepers are usually most compatible with a medium level of loft and firmness, making them particularly well-suited to shredded memory foam. memory foam pillows usually fall within the soft-medium firmness range, and are often adjustable as well! If you’re still experimenting with loft and firmness, I suggest picking a memory foam pillow with a shredded, adjustable fill.

Stomach Sleepers – Stomach sleepers need a really soft, low-lofted pillow so as to take care of healthy posture, which may make finding the right memory foam pillow a touch tricky. Fortunately, many bedding brands will make a memory foam pillow with an “extra-soft” firmness rating only for stomach sleepers. But, again, you would possibly want to select one with an adjustable fill that permits you to scale back the loft if need be.

Alright, now that we’ve covered the key factors, we’re able to dive into my roundup of the simplest memory foam pillows!


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