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Technology is always at our service, now it has also made it easy for us to find a suitable home. Through handy mobile property apps, you can now search a house either in your locality or on other locations. But will it be wise to download and install just any application and fill your mobile memory with junk? Also, the threat of virus through fake apps is always there. It is why here are several best property apps to help you find a home sweet home.

Love your post code

You are getting the positive vibes, right? Yes, just as the name of the app is unusual, it keeps you occupied with more exciting home-buying deals. The app is known to have its best speed as nothing hangs while using it and for the borrower-friendly features. You can apply filters of location, price, house features such as lawn, balcony, garage etc. and results get served on screen in a few seconds. Your one-time login on the app keeps you updated about the latest property updates and the new arrivals.



This app deserves your immediate attention because of its ‘one-stop solution’ nature. This app combines the property updates from varied portals, and thus, you do not make multiple visits to multiple sites and apps. If you want to save time, this app is the best option. It has the feature of Google-street view for an enhanced user experience of property buyers. All types of residential and commercial properties can be found here.


Free! Free! Free! Yes, Zoopla is free of cost but uncompromised in its capacity to provide you only the best results on property buying. The smooth and super responsive dashboard of the app makes the property search smooth and handy. Thousands of options in the listings keep you equipped with sundry options. The app has something to offer to all. No matter whatever is your budget, there are properties cheaper than your imagination and expensive according to your high status.


If you want to stay updated with the latest information about the market, Streetcheck is always a great option. It is like the eye of an eagle that gives you property updates from a more extensive. Also, your concerns of local property search can get fulfilled with this app in a few seconds. According to its name, the app shows the properties with the smallest details of the streets and roads. You can enter the name of a road and get a satisfying result.

Around Me

Again something that defines its nature and feature forms its names. Yes, the app shows you the best house options in your nearby locations. Get on the property ladder smoothly with the multiple options to choose from. The app is known for providing the best residential choices for every condition. Get complete information through the maps and landmarks mentioned with the house details. Know the reality through the customer reviews and see the other side of the coin. For a piece of unbiased information, you can always rely on this app.


Another player of the property market with lucrative and affordable house options. The app is known for its analytical data available with the property details. Also, it is known for providing exclusive information that is rare to find in other places. One of the things is the comparison of the two properties according to your search settings. You can achieve insight into relatable information with the latest details. The strength of the app reflects in the data that is based on the in-depth research and grip of the app on the market.

Right Move

Right Move is designed to help you ensure a right move in your home buying decision. The app is one of the most popular apps, with 130 million visits every month. You can see if this massive amount of people trust the app for sure, you can also give a try to it. Buyers with family in priority specifically love this app as it describes the details of the schools and stations in the proximity. The app is also a good companion to those who are in a hurry and want to buy the house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The information about the local agents helps you buy a home in a short time.


All the apps mentioned above are known for their best performance for the purpose they are supposed to fulfil. But one ultimate fact is that to buy a home, the mortgage is necessary and there are apps to find suitable mortgage deals too. If you do not believe then visit MortgageCalculatorUK and you can get all kinds of deals on the home loan. From best mortgage deals to best remortgage deals with no fees, you can find everything here. Nothing is complicated here, even big things like home buying if you employ technology for your assistance.


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