tips for disinfect your car

Disinfect Your Car:- The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted normal everyday travel for millions all across the world. However, as governments are slowly easing lockdowns, and businesses are beginning to open up, there are still many precautions that you need to take. If you need to travel during this time, you need to make sure your car is clean and properly disinfected before you head out. You can look for a car cleaning service online and book a doorstep car wash service to get a team of professional cleaners to come to your home and clean your car. You can also go through the helpful tips mentioned in this blog to learn how to disinfect your car and keep the COVID-19 threat at bay.

How to disinfect your car?

Ensure Personal Hygiene: This comes down to basic common sense, but it is worth mentioning that your car will not need to be sanitized or disinfected so often if you take care of yourself first. Personal hygiene is your first line of defense against diseases like the coronavirus. It would be best if you made it a point to wash your hands before you get into your car and encourage those traveling with you to do the same. Sticking to basic personal hygiene habits can prevent contamination of the vehicle in the first place. Personal hygiene is especially important when you are out on the road, and you are not sure about the rest stops you visit while driving.

Wipe Down External Surfaces:

Contagious diseases like the coronavirus are generally spread through water droplets from an infected person. One simple way to disinfect your car is to keep a packet of sanitizing hand wipes in the glove compartment. It is important to wipe down the external surfaces of your car because the chemicals you use to disinfect the vehicle will only work if your car is free of dirt and grime. In case you cannot find the time to take your car to a cleaning agency to clean the dirt and grime, you can book a doorstep car clean service and get the job done. You can also search online for car wipes that are great for a quick car clean up without too much trouble.

Disinfect Touched Surfaces:

When you are looking to disinfect your car, you need to pay close attention to surfaces in the vehicle that are more susceptible to touch. Surfaces such as door handles, seat cushions, steering wheel, seatbelt buckles, and windows are more likely to have germs simply because these are the surfaces that are touched the most. You can use basic alcohol solutions to clean frequently touched surfaces in your car and protect yourself from contamination. In case you cannot get the required disinfectant solutions, you should look for a professional car wash service in your area. For example, if you reside in the Kochi area, you can get on Google and search for a car wash in Kochi, to get the best car cleaning service around.

Simple Soap and water Solutions:

Medical experts suggest that any cleaning solution that contains at least 70 percent of alcohol will be effective against most germs, including the coronavirus. However, when you are deciding what solution to use, you should not experiment too much since products like bleach and hydrogen peroxide can be effective disinfectants but they can also damage your car interiors. The best thing for you to do is to book a car wash service and get a team of professional to clean and sanitize your car.


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