Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), candidates with a valid offer of arranged employment must declare that sufficient settlement funds have been added to the Express Entry Pool. This declaration must be verified before an application for permanent residence can be made. Resolution funds must be available and transferable and not burdened by debt or other obligations. If the Settlement Fund requirement is met at the time of application, a permanent residence visa will be issued.

In order to qualify for 加拿大移民 and obtain a Canadian permanent residence visa, applicants for qualified federal workers must have at least one year of uninterrupted, paid full-time work experience in a single NOK-rated occupation with a 0-B qualification level over the past 10 years. Applicants who meet these requirements will be assessed on the basis of the 6 selection factors listed below. Qualified workers wishing to immigrate to Quebec must apply for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program, which differs from the Canadian Immigration Program and has other selection criteria.

According to the IRCC, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is a program for skilled workers with foreign work experience and skills who want to immigrate to Canada. The selection criteria for this program include specific points and requirements for each program, which are detailed below. The other two programs, the Federal Skilled Trade Program and the Canadian Experience Class, do not appear to be included in their eligibility criteria at this point, and we do not include the requirements for these programs in this report.

The Canada Experience Class (CEC) helps qualified immigrants with at least one year of Canadian work experience who want to move to Canada. The program is open to applicants who meet the above criteria of the Express Entry System. Candidates must have an Express Entry Profile, which is evaluated according to the CRS on the basis of the above factors. The Quebec Skilled Worker and Regular Skilled Workers Program is unique in that it addresses candidates who have an interest in living, settling or working in the province of Quebec, Canada. Job offers are not required to qualify for the program, and there is no official list of required occupations.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Quebec is a province that manages its own Canadian immigration program, and the selection criteria differ from those in other provinces. The role of federal governments in assessing Quebec’s permanent residency applications is limited to background checks. Read more about the federal skilled labor program and its rapid path to Canadian immigration through the Quick Entry System.

Note: The Province of Quebec has a special immigration agreement with the federal government of Canada, and the Province has its own rules for selecting immigrants who can adapt and live here, including its own skilled labor selection program. The provincial nomination program works in a similar way to the travel ban, which allows any Canadian province or territory to nominate a person who wants to immigrate to Canada and live in a particular province.

Each category is aimed at a different group of immigrants and has its own requirements. There are six main categories of Canadian immigration. These are federal professionals, Quebec professionals (through provincial nomination programs), family sponsorships, business immigrants, Canadian experience, and classes.

The third element of the skill category is a point-based assessment. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses a points system to measure an applicant’s potential to settle in Canada. Candidates receive points based on six different selection factors.

The FSW program uses a points system that awards points based on age, education, work experience, language skills and adaptability. Applicants must achieve 67 points, have at least one year of professional experience in a qualified profession and demonstrate knowledge of the Canadian language (Benchmark 7) in English or French. You must be a student in Canada who graduated in August 2014 to apply for a scholarship for a permanent residency.

Foreign nationals are obliged to create and submit an online express entry profile. If they meet the eligibility criteria for any of the above-mentioned economic immigration programmes, their profile will be added to the Express Entry Pool and they will be assigned a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. If they are not offered employment support or a positive labor market impact assessment (LMIA), they must register with the Canadian government and the National Job Bank (the “National Job Bank”) within 30 days.

Upon receipt of a provincial nomination document, a person may apply for a Canadian permanent residence visa. Provincial nominees will be given priority in processing their application for permanent residence. They are not evaluated on the basis of the six selection criteria for the federal skilled labour program.

If you receive a nomination from another province, you will earn 600 additional points. Remember that applying for provincial nominations is a separate application process. Many provinces run nominating programs tailored to Express Entry, so it’s up to the candidate to figure out which program to apply for.

You must achieve at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 7) in order to be eligible for Express Entry into the Federal Specialist Workers Program, and at least 60% language proficiency under the IELTS. If you achieve a CLB 9 in language skills, consider 260 Express Entry points, regardless of your language skills.

Make sure you check your score in the FSW points table. Let us take a look at the process of verifying your eligibility and obtaining your permanent residence PR card. Use the eligibility criteria described above to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the program: work experience, language skills and education.


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