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Starting online is gaining a growing position in commerce. Most physical stores have switched to online shopping and are pleased with the results achieved. If your company also focuses on selling goods or services in an online format, this article is just for you.

Here, we will describe what is reseller hosting, what different types of hostings you can choose for your an online shop.

Reseller Hosting

In order to get, maintain, and manage a website you need to keep it somewhere. That’s where hosting comes. A web host is a place where your website is going to be located.

There are multiple hosting providers that provide spacing for your website. In other words, you are purchasing the right to unused space of someone’s server spaces or in some cases the right to use the whole server.

In order to get quality reseller hosting the hosting provider should provide a bundle of special features for you. It could include security such as SSL encryption, customer service, payment gateways, and proper spacing for your eCommerce store.

Traditionally there are three main types: Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and Shared hosting

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting that you can find, certainly suitable for startups and individuals who just want to get online. But of course, it comes with a downside. Due to the fact that you pay a considerably low price, you’ll get slower loading speed and you’ll need to share spacing in the server with hundreds of other websites in most cases which are also not that great to hear.

VPS hosting

VPS stands for “virtual private server”. Your type of hosting also shares a server as shared hosting but its resources are isolated from other websites, eliminating a lot of the problems associated with shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the best out of these three in terms of service provided. Dedicated hosting provided you the whole physical server. Of course, this certainly costs much more than other hosting options.

Then there is also cloud hosting which is a great solution when talking about reseller hosting. It has the potential to grow when resources require so. When you scale up your eCommerce store this type of hosting allows you to add more resources to avoid malfunctioning and slow loading speeds.

Managed hosting and unmanaged hosting

Unmanaged hosting is usually cheaper, but again it comes with a downside. You will get a server without any help from the provider. In other words, the name says: you will need to manage all of the server’s actions by yourself.

With managed hosting, everything is covered. Whenever you order a service with managed hosting, security, setup and everything else will be managed for you.

In short, a managed cloud hosting is likely the best solution for a reseller website. And now we can discuss essential tips to take into account before choosing a provider and hosting.

Hosting providers should be

  1. High-performance indicators
  2. File Storage capabilities
  3. Auto-Scaling possibilities
  4. Customer support
  5. SSL encryption security
  6. WooCommerce plugin integration
  7. Automatic Backups
  8. Easy to use developer environment

High-performance indicators

The host should be reliable. More than ¾ of customers come to a slow website – leave and never come back. That is not good don’t you say?

The problem with shared hosting is that it certainly slows your website down and if its more than 2.5s to load your website – in 2021 is a no-go.

File Storage capabilities

If you are planning to resell there will be a lot of files to handle, thus this means that you need a lot of resources on your server. You have to be sure that the service provider is capable of providing it to you

You’ll have images that take a lot of space, in most cases plugins, web builders that also slow down your website.

Auto-Scaling possibilities

Let’s say you sell regularly during the year but when it comes to holidays your traffic blows and your website can’t handle it anymore.

This is important, Your website should be optimized in the way that it auto-scales when the traffic is higher than usual.

Many host providers struggle with this type of request so be sure you’ll know that a particular provider that you are choosing is capable of auto-scaling your website when needed.

Customer support

It is essential to be able to communicate with the host. When you face a certain problem and can’t find help is frustrating, I think you can agree with me.

Thus, service providers with a 24/7 attitude are the best. When requiring some assistance and they do certainly have time to help – it is a perfect situation.

SSL encryption security

Some service providers do have an option to take care of your website security for free. In most cases, it costs around 15 dollars per year to have SSL encrypted into your website.

Whenever your website is encrypted by the SSL security system your HTTP is protected and it has a letter ‘S’ in the end which makes it HTTPS. This addition represents a secure path to a website which in today’s world is essential in order to be a reliable retailer.

To sum up

Keep in mind that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle due to slow loading speeds, poor security or lack of proper support from third parties which are responsible for certain parts to function.

When searching for a good host for your online store – be patient and look through at least 5 different providers because this part is really important.

Have a look at your budget and store potential.

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