Brand Analytics

A brand delineates what an organization stands for, its core values and the culture. It is what differentiates you from competitors, attracts investors and helps you win talented team members who could build credibility and foster loyalty among clients.

Digital Brand Analytics helps you ensure that your brand truly reflects what you stand for online—on the social networks and websites people look at when they search about your company.

Using the tools, firms can obtain qualitative and quantitative data that is required to assess brand health and obtain actionable insights regarding a brand’s online presence and its audience. Through digital brand analytics, organizations can obtain the intelligence needed for informing and enhancing the digital marketing and communication strategies.

Several challenges are faced while performing Digital Brand Analytics and it requires appropriate training and skills that include knowledge of certain tools, platforms and ever-changing market trends. Due to high competition, reaching the potential audience is tough in the competitive world. Negative feedback can be a major challenge for your brand on social media. Improper management and failure to respond effectively can damage your reputation. Apart from this, there are Security and privacy issues relating to the use of customer data for a specific purpose and ensuring its privacy.

There are several big players offering digital brand analytics as a service whereas, Wynyard Group, a Public Safety Analytics Company, offers the solutions with a complete detailed study to any organization regarding its brand, by using sentiment analysis to get deep insights of the negative and positive sentiment about the organization. This software utilizes the contextual analysis to get a better understanding of the environment in which the brand operates.

After concluding if the brand name has been used as a negative sentiment or not, it provides rapid remedial analysis to develop the brand better. Further, these solutions are not only limited to social media presence but on various other platforms as well, based on how a brand can perform better.

Several leading companies are leveraging digital brand analytics to monitor and track brand performance online that includes:

  • Impressions, Reach, and Share of Voice
  • Sentiment Analysis, Follower Growth, Net Promoter Score and more
  • Engagement metrics

The brand analytics tools offer organizations various practical insights which are used to optimize their digital campaigns, content development, and other initiatives.

There are a number of ways to implement Digital brand analytics. One can use online surveys or analytics tools provided by social networking services, and brand monitoring software, which can perform most of the heavy lifting for your company. It can continuously measure and track brand health as well as the details that matter, keeping a constant eye on what consumers think of your brand and the campaigns your teams worked hard to develop.

Wynyard Group’s social analytics solutions enable you to monitor and track online conversations of your brand in real-time across owned, paid, and earned media—on the widest range of social channels and in various languages. These tools provide you with the complete collection of social data and actionable insights about your brand’s online presence, social campaigns, and audience.

Using actionable insights about your brand’s online presence, social campaigns and audience, the company can tell you how negatively or positively the viewers feel about your brand based on what they say.

Over the last decade, Digital media has emerged as a specialism with its origins rooted in direct marketing. The surge in the number of personal devices depicts that brand marketers have access to communicate directly and interactively with their target audience.


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