Whenever we buy a new thing. We just become impatient and are in a hurry to open that thing, the same is the case with the memory foam pillows. But sadly with a memory foam pillow, we have to wait several hours or sometimes even days to start using it. And waiting becomes like a punishment. But not anymore!

Memory foam pillow? Quite a fancy word that has been doing the rounds in the past few years. Memory foam pillows are fast becoming an important part of our sleeping schedules.

If you got a new memory foam pillow then you need to wait some time to start using it right away. If you are figuring out how to expand it faster then, you are at the right place. Here is a tip:

How to Make Memory Foam expand Faster:

  • Temperature: We cannot stress this point enough. In the article we have discussed, how important is the warm temperature for the expansion of the pillow. Place the pillow in a room with warmer temperatures. Warmer temperatures help memory foam expand faster. And if you are in a hurry to use your Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow then don’t worry, you can also use your body heat for expansion of the memory foam.
  • Proper Circulation and ventilation: Proper air circulation is required in a room for proper expansion of memory foam.
  • If you can tolerate your old pillow for one more day then you should ideally wait 24-72 hours for the memory foam to fluff to its original height. By that time the memory foam will adjust to room temperature and if the room is heated, it will make the process faster.

Memory foam tends to expand in and become soft in a warmer room. Cold temperatures make the foam firmer and stiffer.

There are several factors that affect the expansion of Memory Foam:

  1. Temperature: Foams expand faster in warmer temperatures. As the heat increases the fluidity and decreases its viscosity. This makes it easier to mold the material.
  2. Thickness: The thickness and depth are a deciding factor for the expansion time of the foam. Thinner foam toppers take less time to expand and thick pillows may take longer.
  3. The density of foam: The density of the foam matters as the denser the foam, the longer it will take to expand. Denser the foam, the more time it will take to expand.

Bamboo pillows expand with heat so if you wish your pillow is not stiff and is softer then let it expand in the room with higher temperatures. If you are buying a new memory foam pillow then you should surely go for Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow



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