What happens when a person is in Facebook’s Jail? It means that they cannot post anything on it. Is there a way out? Of course! There are a couple of handy tricks and tips that can be applied to get them out of such a situation.

For those who do not know what Facebook jail is or unfortunately find themselves in it, then they should read this. Here, they will now see everything about how to avoid getting blocked by Facebook and to get out of Facebook jail.

Facebook Jail – What is it?

It is a term that is widely used when the social media platform blocks users’ ability to post or comment on content that has been posted already. This block can be both temporary and permanent. This can lead to termination of accounts too.

There are several reasons for which the social media platform blocks profiles and pages for posting content. If a piece of content gets a lot of likes quickly, posting inappropriate content or breaking any rule then they are in trouble.

Under these circumstances, the users are notified via email that these features have been disabled. In Facebook jail, users can be blocked for

  • A few hours.
  • 3 days.
  • 6 days.
  • A week.
  • It can be permanent too.

This all depends upon the kind of offense that has been committed. Getting out of the Facebook jail is in the user’s own hands. This situation can be avoided completely if the article is properly read and understood.

Avoiding Facebook jail – handy dandy tips

Here are some really good, tried and tested, and certified tips to help users avoid Facebook jail.

Do not spam the content even if the post is legit

It is important to understand that no website likes spamming and not even social media platforms like it too. The same behavior is adopted by Facebook as a regulatory sheriff, to always ensure that nothing goes out of hand and the website is safe for everyone for use. Even if the post is legit, the users should do their best to increase the time interval between the posts.

If users post the same content over different groups and pages over and over again, then they can get into a lot of trouble. Facebook can block the account for future use. Users can end up being permanently terminated just in case the widely was spread widely.

Plagiarism is the enemy

This is renowned that plagiarism is a dangerous thing to have and if users just post the link to the content and do not spam it, then it’s fine. If they are copying the whole content from top to bottom and the like then they are goners for sure.

The same applies to images used in the posts. Certain images present on Google Images have been marked as spam. Using them results in penalties and the ultimate Facebook jail sentence, which thereby hurts the user’s productivity and that of the business.

Advice from the content creators working for the Facebook app is simple: use content that is original so that misadventure on the platform as well as unnecessary disasters are averted.

Averting being anonymous as well as carefully tagging people

There is no need to be anonymous with friends as it can result in many issues. If they are being anonymous for no reason whatsoever and to top the icing with the cherry, users tagging their friends being anonymous will land in hot water. Yep, they will land in trouble.

Real people are the best ones and users should always use their real friends to be tagged in posts.

On Facebook, honesty is the best policy and Facebook likes it a lot. Tagging random people can get the account in prison and a permanent block too. One of the best ways to remain outside of Facebook’s jail is to avoid being anonymous, avoid spam, and always being honest for all the right reasons.

Adding people to a group if users know them is worth the effort. Users should only tag their friends using their real, true, and personal profiles. The element of trust is quite important and will benefit the user in the long run on the social media platform.


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