It is becoming increasingly difficult for the businesses to safeguard their assets from bad actors with the advancement of technology that often proves to be a double-edged sword.

Continuous management of assets is becoming a necessity, especially for the organizations looking for quick or vast expansion. A number of problems may creep up, if the companies start looking far too ahead without safeguarding the existing assets.

Human errors, thefts, wrong inventory estimation, resource wastage are some of the common problems that often lead to huge losses for the organizations. Traditional methods of asset tracking are not entirely efficient and may be vulnerable to the external sources.

A simple case of bad management cannot be ruled out either, as asset loses are common occurrences in every industry across the globe.

However, Astrocast SA, one of the most advanced global Nanosatellite IoT networks is bridging this gap in a comprehensive manner. The company is helping the enterprises tackle the challenge of asset monitoring in industries, such as agriculture, oil & gas, mining, etc.

The ability of Astrocast to help the companies through reliable connectivity for low-power assets is proving to be a game-changing element in the critical infrastructure sectors.

The Switzerland-based company understands that all the devices need reliable connectivity to communicate safely. Astrocast network gives these remote IoT devices a big boost with two-way communications from anywhere across the world.

This innovative technology of the company has grabbed the attention of several investors, including global investment firm Boundary Holding, led by Rajat Khare.

Asset maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for any organization. If a single equipment breaks down, the entire process could come to a halt. Even if the machine is in good condition, it may or may not perform well at the time of execution, if not monitored efficiently.

This is where it is becoming all the more important for the businesses to keep a track of the assets and operate in a proficient way for a longer period of time.


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