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Understanding how to index a website is important because in this way you can aim for a good ranking on search engines. What is the best and fastest solution? Sign up for the Google search console, generate a sitemap and enter it in the field.

You can do the same thing with the Bing webmaster tool. The XML sitemap is the best SEO tool to make a site appear on search engines, from Google to Yahoo. But is it the only solution? How to index a WordPress website or any other CMS?

The topics of the post

  • What is the indexing of a site and what is it for
  • Difference between indexing and ranking
  • How much does it cost to index a site on Google?
  • How to index websites or blogs on Google
  • How to force and speed up indexing
  • How to check the indexing of a website
  • How to index WordPress on Google
  • My site does not appear on search engines
  • How to index a site: your experience

What is the indexing of a site and what is it for

By indexing, we mean the action necessary to enter a website or a single page in the search engine. After this step, the document will be visible in the SERP.

Indexing is a condition for positioning. But don’t get confused between crawling, indexing, and ranking when you want to put a site on Google: they are different.

The indexing phase concerns the presence of a site or a page in the SERP regardless of the position. So it is the second of the working process that Google activates. First comes crawling.

Once discovered and indexed, the content is stored, organized, and interpreted by the search engine algorithm with respect to similar pages. This way the moment you make a query, a search, you can get the result.

Difference between indexing and ranking

Very simple: with indexing, we insert the site in the Google archives, while with positioning it gives a value compared to other pages. So a website can be indexed but ranked well or badly with respect to a query.

If it is not indexed it cannot be placed. The crawler must be welcomed in the best possible way – managing robots.txt and no index meta tags – showing the best pages in the right hierarchy: this is the essential condition for indexing. At the same time, the latter is essential for positioning on Google.

How much does it cost to index a site on Google?

Zero. When they ask how to index a website and what are the prices for this operation, remember that it is an automatic operation by Google. There is no structural cost to index the site but a professional can ask the client for the fee to carry out the actions you are about to discover.

How to index websites or blogs on Google

Since it is so important to insert a portal on the search engine if only because it can position itself and be found, it is right to understand what is the solution to insert the pages of the site on the search engine. What are the best ways?

  • Suggest a sitemap to the search engine.
  • Enter URL into the tool to discover web pages.
  • Have a quality link from an online page.

Remember that often Google does not index all the pages of the website also due to a bad structure of the portal and the absence of internal links that create orphaned web pages.

Sitemap in the Google Search Console

As suggested, this is the most effective solution. To index, a new site just published on Google just follow this simple technical ladder.

  • Sign up for Google and create an address with Gmail.
  • Use email to create a profile on the search console.
  • Create an XML-format sitemap for your website.
  • Go to the sitemap section and add the URL.

The process is simple, you just have to wait for the submission to be accepted by the search engine. The sitemap address depends on the system you use to create it but usually corresponds to an address like this:

Use a plugin to get a sitemap ( WordPress SEO by Yoast is great or there is Google XML Sitemap ) and enter the URL you get in the specific field. Alternatively, remember that the new version of WordPress has the basic sitemap.

This, from my point of view, is the best method to index a website but it is also a good solution dedicated to positioning on search engines.

Remember that this procedure applies to index the site KissAnime on Bing (and Yahoo!). You just have to register for the relevant webmaster tool. Find it here

A tool to add URLs to Google

The add and remove address tool still exists apart from the search console. You can reach it through this www. google. it/intl/it/add_url and its operation are simple: enter the URL you are interested in and click submit.

To force the indexing of the single web page, once the site is registered to the search console, you can use the URL control tool above: add the permalink and wait for the steps. It usually inserts a web page to the index in minutes.

Inbound links from authoritative sources

I wouldn’t think of this method of speeding up indexing a website, but one of the effects, when you get a hyperlink, is the Googlebot step. When it scans the page that placed the link it analyzes the hyperlinks. And if it finds something new it updates the index (also useful for indexing PDFs ).

How to force and speed up indexing

You don’t want to wait for Google‘s indexing times. You want to bring your content to the web and you want the search engine to rate you for what you have on the page. How to force the crawler to pass and speed things up? How to request indexing?

One method can be found in the Search Console under the Check URL. With this tool, you suggest to the search engine bot to go to that resource.

It takes a few seconds to index a page. This solution is useful if you have edited and updated a web page and want Google to see the new version.

One of the tips that Google leaves about indexing a website: better to have a good amount of content in HTML code. This allows the crawler to facilitate reading since Google works in 2 distinct moments.

The first indexes only the HTML then, at a later undefined time, take care of the rest. So if you want to speed up and simplify indexing, you should have as much code as possible to read. So to summarize, this could be a problem for anyone making maximum use of Javascript.

How to check the indexing of a website

To check the insertion of the website on Google just use the search operator site: that is a command that suggests showing in the SERP all the pages indexed for a particular domain. Here is the formula, obviously you have to enter the URL you are interested in for the specific site indexing check.

Remember that you can also check the indexing of the single web page by inserting the URL of the resource you want to check before the advanced search operator.

How to index WordPress on Google

Many ask for information to report a site or a blog created with the  WordPress CMS. It is a useless request: there is no difference between this solution or Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. Change the way to get the sitemap which, as suggested, is recovered on WordPress with a plugin or native function.

My site does not appear on search engines

You have done everything but the site is not visible on Google. Why doesn’t it appear on the search engine and web pages aren’t indexed? You need to check a number of elements:

  • The robots.txt file must not prevent crawler access.
  • There must be no robots noindex meta tag.
  • The pages must respond with status code 200.

In other words, make sure you can access the web pages. This condition can occur in different ways and through tools to be carefully evaluated.

There are problems with the robots meta tag

This element is used to communicate any indexing preferences to the search engine. It is often preceded by the Yoast message  “Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines”. How to verify this point?

You can make sure there are no blocks in the Yoast control panel. But also go into the code and check for the presence of the entry meta name = robots content = noindex. Which automatically means not indexing the page.

The robots.txt does not allow indexing

We need to check how robots.txt was set up. To do this, just go to the specific page and choose the property registered in the search console.

Enter the URL you are interested in and test it to see if it is free from any blocks. On the other hand, a little distraction is enough on this file to block the entire site.

You have an incorrect WordPress setup

For those who have decided to create a blog with WordPress: before moving on to indexing,  make sure you have abandoned the maintenance phase and removed the check that prevents search engines from crawling in the item  “Discourage search engines from indexing of this site “.

How to index a site: your experience

If you ask me how to do SEO on WordPress, I answer that the first step is this: improve and verify the indexing of the site. This is crucial for good results, so I advise you not to underestimate the points I have listed. Do you have experience with this? Have you had any indexing problems? Leave your experience.


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