Inexpensive ideas to decorate your apartment
Inexpensive ideas to decorate your apartment: After a relentless move , you are finally settled in your first apartment or in the condo of your dreams. It’s time to decorate ! Only problem: the movers emptied your bank account and every dollar counts. Turn your problem into an opportunity with our simple and inexpensive decorating ideas to create a welcoming space! These tips and inspiration will save you money, create a beautiful space that looks like you, and even save some money for your housewarming party.

10 Inexpensive ideas to decorate your apartment

Chase the discounts

In addition to keeping you informed of the discounts and promotions that are in progress in your favorite decoration stores, you can use promo codes. Online or in store, they will allow you to take advantage of discounts and special offers. So before going to the checkout, develop the reflex to search a little online or using a specialized application. I really like Honey , an app and browser extension that allows you to find coupons, promotions and discounts instantly. Also Check: 12 Style of Restaurant in Providence to inspire you

Hang your beautiful clothes on the wall

Some clothes are too good to hide. Create a mural with your hats in the entrance hall. Hang an evening dress or the chic flea marl jacket in your bedroom using gold hooks. Whether it comes from Ardene or Hermès, your most beautiful scarf will look good pinned to the wall or above your bed. The pretty summer bags will also make a nice improvised decoration when hung on the wall. You can also frame t-shirts brought back from memorable concerts that you no longer wear. The possibilities are limitless!

Add a colorful accent

Browse the classifieds to find free leftover paint to create an accent wall in the kitchen or bathroom. This wall will give dimension and style to your decor by creating a pleasant contrast with white walls. You can also call everyone on Facebook to pick up the painting from friends who are also moving into their new home. They will be happy to get rid of half-empty containers rather than going to the eco-center to do so!

Swap your cuttings

Plants are more popular than ever! In addition to being so pretty, these beautiful friends provide us with a healthy environment. If you already have plants, learn how to make cuttings and trade them with friends who have different species.

Show off your music-loving side

Do you collect vinyl records? Find the most beautiful or inspiring and get yourself album frames on Amazon . You can change the covers from time to time to vary the style. Musical instruments are great for creating points of interest in a room. Do you like to strum the guitar? Hang it on the living room wall! Do you play percussion? Collect your chopsticks in a mason jar on a shelf in your bedroom or hang them on the wall with this holder, available on Etsy .

Rediscover washi tape

According to Shvas Interior Designers in Hyderabad: This colorful Japanese ribbon has inspired many DIYs since its rise in popularity. Affordable and versatile, it allows you to carry out a multitude of projects. The trick is to use it to create space or as a touch of color. We could for example:
  • cover a door with scratches
  • draw an illusion of a headboard behind our mattress on a plain wall
  • decorate an air conditioner or refrigerator that is a bit faded

Search flea markets

Flea markets, flea markets, garage sales and second hand stores are your best friends to decorate at low prices. I often look for flower vases, crockery or unusual objects to add a unique touch to my decor. A good tip is to start your research with a plan in mind and a theme: vintage look, white objects, objects from the 90s … This will allow you to be more efficient and not to buy anything just because it is is beautiful, inexpensive or interesting.

Reinvent what you already have

In order to live a zero waste lifestyle, it always makes sense to start by looking at what you have at home ! Here, the concept of upcycling is very relevant. You could use Christmas lights to light up your living room, turn a stack of books into a nightstand, make a coffee table with a tub, and more!

Think picking

Nature is full of beautiful objects. Do like the Scandinavians! During your next weekend at the chalet, harvest and use your finds to create a very hygge decor . Bring back branches and pine cones from your walks in the forests. At the beach, harvesting shells, pebbles and sea glass. Even in town, you can find something to pick, with wild flowers! For example, place the pebbles in a large, flat bowl and add a few votive candles to create soft mood lighting. You can paint the branches to make supports for coats, dish towels or jewelry. It’s also a great idea to hang a macrame piece on the wall.

Think minimalism

Sometimes a room just needs simplicity to refresh. In addition, when we move into our first apartment, we tend to accept every piece of furniture, kitchen tools and decorative objects that the members of our entourage offer us to empty their basement. Spend some time in each room trying out different configurations. Sort out the things that are already lying around, give away what you will not use, and assess whether each item is beautiful, useful and in good condition. This simple exercise will help you make your apartment a place to be proud of!


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