AI Investment

From artificial intelligence, deep tech to machine learning, the scope of growth as well as need of these next-gen technologies are immense. A number of tech start-ups are emerging every year backed by brilliant minds. However, while there is no doubt in the fact that risk appetite and constant innovation are crucial for the success of such enterprises, funding also plays an equally important role. Considering the immense need of resources including state-of-the-art instrumentation and robust R&D infrastructure, for sectors like AI and deep tech, favourable investment ecosystem is the need of the hour that can help bridge any financial gaps when a company finds itself in dire straits. In addition to this, investments like bridge funding can help them complete their product development process and prepare them for larger investments.

With that said, for start-ups to secure investments and scale in business, they need to be at par with the requirements of the investors since most investment firms mainly look for innovations that would offer effective solutions to any problem. For instance, Boundary Holding, a Luxembourg based bridge fund, invests in AI companies that offer remarkable technology and bear unconventional ideas which are progressive as well as revolutionising. It seeks to transform those ideas into reality and give these companies an opportunity to foray in the market. So far, Entrepreneur Rajat Khare, who founded AI investment firm has invested in several AI companies involved in IoT, Analytics, drones, etc.

The global AI industry, despite growing at a rapid pace, is still in its early stage considering its immense growth potential. There is shortage of professionals and if not, restriction of talents to only a selected few areas of the sector. Furthermore, the inherent evolutionary nature of technology poses some major challenges. Taking all these into consideration, abundant funding from both private and public investment firms can provide AI mavericks the financial lifeline that they need


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