It is very important for prospective students to pass the NATA entrance test (NATA) if they want to be admitted to the architecture college of their choice. If you are considering admission to a prestigious architecture college, you must pass the entrance test of NATA.

NATA is one of the toughest entrance exams in India and candidates need systematic and proper preparation if they want to pass NATA with top marks. NATA is an entrance exam for the ARCH course, which is conducted by the (National Institute of Advanced Study of Architecture). Read more about NATA, the entry test for the National Institute of Advanced Study in Architecture (NIA).

The admission criteria depend on the choice of the exam. Otherwise, the audit-specific criteria will be determined by the Architecture Council. Fill in the form below and our professional NATA coaching in Bangalore will reach you.

With an excellent track record of successful students from different design backgrounds, this institute is an ideal choice for good coaching by NATA. NATA is a leading institute that leads design aspirants and students to success.

The best thing about our institute is that we work hand in hand with our students. We offer our students a better and more comfortable environment to learn through regular online courses. We have one of the most prestigious and diverse NATA coaching classes.

It is good that you are reading this page as we have the most reliable online coaching courses in India. NATA 2022 is very important. We offer to prepare you for the examiners without surprises.

If you want to study at a local university, passing the entrance exam is a must. To get a place at a top college in India, you can take online or offline coaching from the Colours Academy, as they have achieved high scores in NATA.

Since a large part of the notes is based on drawing skills, it is important to learn the basics of drawing. By participating in a high-quality NATA coaching class, students can hone their drawing skills. If you enroll at a prestigious center in Bangalore, your chances of achieving a higher rank will improve.

One of the best one-stop classroom programs, study materials, online dummy tests, crash courses, and comprehensive quality coaching offered by experts at elite universities. The Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) is an All India Examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Indian Government. The aim of the CEED is to assess the creative ability of candidates, which includes visual perception, drawing skills, logical thinking, creativity, and communication skills.


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