Netflix Rolls Out Service For Remote Group Viewing Amid Coronavirus


The Netflix & Google company  are work together  create a new function called Netflix Party are allowing a group of friends to view content together at the same time, USA Today reported.


Move are made due to widespread coronavirus outbreak, are force people to engage in social distancing & staying at home all across the world, &  put a notable damper on people social lives.


This Service are absolutely free, & then only requirements are a Netflix subscription &  a Google Chrome browser.

User are  who wish to partake need only download the extension from & download to their Google Chrome browser. Service even comes with a chat room feature so user & their friends can all interact during the party.

This Coronavirus are outbreak are forced millions of people to stay at home & resulted in people trying to find new way of occupying their time. Result, binge-watching content on Netflix are skyrocketed in recent weeks.



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