This blog/article post is related to QuickBooks payroll error and QuickBooks updates error. Read causes and learn how to fix all payroll errors. When you need to update QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll, trying to updating Desktop or Payroll you received an error message with codes. Mostly Errors getting such as 15xxx series errors and PSxxx Series error codes.

QuickBooks Error 15243

This error 15243 comes up when you are trying to install any program and update QuickBooks. The error occurs can’t seem to navigate correctly.


  • QuickBooks installation incomplete
  • Download and Installation file corrupted
  • Corruption in the Windows registry
  • Virus or malware infection

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Repair Registry Entries
  • full Scan computer
  • Eliminate junk files on your PC
  • Update System Driver
  • Create a Company File Backup and, then Update QuickBooks’
  • Enable QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service(FCS)
  • Repair QuickBooks Desktop
  • Update the Payroll Tax Table
  • Hope if issue without, still any problem Goto our page and read more to fix QuickBooks Error 15243.

QuickBooks Error 15270

This error 15270 comes up when you are trying to download a payroll update. Receive a message “update did not complete successfully and update is missing a file”


  • Incomplete download or update files
  • User Account Settings is turn on
  • Internet Explorer is not a default browser
  • Program files or corrupted

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • First, turn off your User Account Control (UAC)
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release
  • Download, install then Run QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Check browser and internet connections
  • Verify your subscription is active or not
  • More steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15270

QuickBooks Error 15311

This error 15311 comes up when you are trying to process payroll. Error message show “QuickBooks update can’t be completed successfully” and “Cannot connect to QuickBooks payroll”.


  • QuickBooks installation file corrupted
  • System affected by Virus or malware
  • QuickBooks file deleted or damaged
  • Damaged Windows registry file

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Setup correct Internet Explorer
  • Download and install a digital signature certificate
  • Verify QuickBooks subscription is active
  • Hope fixed QuickBooks Error 15311 without any interruption, any help go to our blog page.

QuickBooks Error PS032 and PS07

This error PS032 and PS07 comes up when you are trying to download or install the updates for QuickBooks payroll.


  • The payroll tax table file in the Components is damaged
  • Damaged QuickBooks Company file
  • Billing information is incorrect
  • You may not register your QuickBooks users

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Reboot the Computer
  • Rename the CPS folder
  • Change User Account Control (UAC) in Windows
  • Restart Windows in Selective Startup mode
  • Update your QuickBooks to the latest release
  • Hope fixed QuickBooks Error PS032 and PS07 without any interruption, any help got our blog page.

QuickBooks Error PS077

This error PS077 comes up when you are trying to install a payroll tax table update. You received an error message “QuickBooks is having trouble installation payroll tax table update”.


  • Damaged or corrupted the tax table file
  • Maybe billing details are out of date incorrect
  • QuickBooks company files are corrupted

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Repair QuickBooks
  • Switch off User account control (UAC)
  • Backup of QuickBooks company file and, then Update QuickBooks desktop
  • Run a clean Uninstall or Re-install in Selective Startup
  • Hope fixed error, still facing an issue, here are other methods to resolve QuickBooks Error PS077.

QuickBooks Error PS107

This error PS107 comes up when you are trying to download payroll updates. Received an error message “An internal file in QuickBooks has become unreadable”.


  • Server issue
  • Malware/virus infected your system
  • Damaged QuickBooks file 

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Update QuickBooks program to the latest version
  • Close QuickBooks processes Using task manager
  • Download and Install QuickBooks payroll tax table
  • Reinstall QuickBooks in selective startup mode
  • Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release
  • Hope fixed issue, still facing any issue go to our page and completely resolve QuickBooks Error PS107.

QuickBooks Error 30159

This error 30159 comes up when you are trying to add to an existing payroll subscription.


  • Improper file setup
  • QuickBooks company file may be damaged
  • Your Windows version is not updated
  • QuickBooks Payroll not updated

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Update window XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8 and Windows 9
  • Update payroll tax table
  • Adding EIN to your company file
  • Use Windows File Checker
  • Hope fixed issue, still facing any issue go to our page and completely QuickBooks Error 30159.

QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error code format 00000 XXXXX

This error 00000 XXXXX comes up when you are trying downloading payroll or QuickBooks Desktop updates.

00002 71328

00002 20123

00000 17002

00000 38049

00000 88579

00000 38772

00000 97340

00000 88703

00000 40370


  • Improperly installed QuickBooks program
  • Outdated QuickBooks program
  • Updates break all the QuickBooks versions

Steps to Fix Issue:

QuickBooks Payroll Service Server Error and Payroll Connection Error

This payroll service server error comes up when you are trying to send payroll data or direct deposit paychecks. Error message received “Payroll Service Server Error. Please try again later”, “Payroll Connection Error”, “QuickBooks Desktop has encountered a problem sending your usage data”.


  • Invalid security certificate
  • Sending in multi-user mode
  • Internet connection error
  • Incorrect your system date and time

Steps to Fix Issue:

  • Verify your system’s date and time
  • Delete Temporary Internet files and website files
  • Reboot your computer
  • Flush the DNS
  • Configure Firewall and Internet security settings
  • Hope fixed issue, still facing any issue go to our page and completely solved Payroll Service Server and Connection Error.

Hope you fixed your issue without any interruption if you still facing any error and issue request you to connect the QuickBooks error support chat team to fix the issue.


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