Gone are the days when businesses used to be categorized big by having a huge premise and number of employees. If we talk about annual turnover or profits, then even a small business setup can surpass huge factories because this is 2020, the age of the internet. Whether you are a freelancer photographer or you own a hardware shop, your success depends on the availability on the internet.  It is essential to have a great website to keep your audience engaged. But what does make a website so interesting? Let us look at some tips that will help you create the best website for your small business.

Tips for Setting Up A Great Website

Name Of The Website

Your website should have a clear, short, and easy name that would always remain in the minds of the audience. The best way is to use the brand name as it is the identity of your business. Use easy spellings and avoid numbers and hyphens. The domain extensions are important too. The user’s mind is fixed to use .com with every website. So it is advisable to always make your domain name a .com as opposed to .net or .co.

Also, before registering the website, do research for familiar names already in the market. You would not like your customers to follow another website only because of a minor difference in spellings. Moreover, your website’s name should not be very specific. Make it general so that it can facilitate future growth. If you plan on extending your apparel’s business to shoes and bags, there should be no mention of clothes in the website address. Otherwise, it will be particularly for clothes only. Lastly, an SEO friendly URL will not only help you to top search results but also it will build the credibility of your business. So think of a website that includes keywords and geo-location of your business.

A Secure Website Host

It is essential to choose a secure and reliable website host, because your entire website is dependent on your hosting provider. You do not want your customers to end up on “page not found” or any kind of error. It will not only irritate them but also damage your image.  Hosting services can cost between $2 to $100 plus per month according to the services they offer. You can choose a package according to your needs. It is good to spend money over it because the return is always way more than the original cost. But most of the small businesses do not have a high budget to take up the most expensive options. They usually pay for a shared server.  Make sure your hosting company has an immediate response to any kind of queries. Emails can take up a lot of time to respond therefore phone support is the best. There are plenty of website hosting companies available on the internet. Few of them include Go Daddy, DreamHost, BlueHost, InMotion, etc.

The Purpose of the Business

It is important to let your audience know who you are and what you are offering them is the best in the town. Usually, people do not trust small businesses, but when you advertise your expertise on your website, they get influenced.  The best way to do it is by stating your services on your main homepage banner and the “About Us” page should be easily accessible so that the people can read more about your business.

Use the best CMS

A good content management system (CMS) will enable you to maintain your website yourself. A drawback of small business is that the owner has to multitask due to limited resources. So instead of paying the website designer, you can choose a CMS which is designed to fulfil your needs. You will not require much technical knowledge and easily update your website with quality content. There are several CMS websites such as WordPress, Joomla, and, Squarespace where you can create your website.

The Layout of the Website

Your website is the entry point to your business so always put a good impression by presenting an interesting and engaging website. Make sure the user takes a positive image and visits again. This can be done by uploading graphics and easy to read fonts. The graphics should not be too heavy as it will make the loading slow. The navigation bar should be visible and allow users to jump to their desired pages. A customer is always coming to your website for information so satisfy his hunger with maximum information. The menu at the bottom of the homepage should feature all the key resources such as Homepage, Team Members, contact information, link to social media, and other pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Once you have developed your website the next target is to increase its traffic. This can be achieved by ranking your website appropriately in search engine results. Search engines especially Google is fond of good content, maximum keywords, reputable back links, positive reviews, and social media presence. It is an extremely important ongoing process that requires consistent efforts in all these areas mentioned above. In this age of tough competition, businesses must adhere to the practices to search engine optimization.


More than 60% of Google searches in 2019 have been on mobile. This indicates the value of a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not designed for mobile phones then you are giving away many potential customers to your competitors. So you should always make your website a mobile-friendly design. It should not take too long to upload as it will frustrate the user and impact the ranking in Google results.


The success in the world of the internet relies on good quality content. A website is not made once and then left to stale.  With every passing day, the traffic will decrease if you do not have anything new posted on your website. Therefore it is very necessary to upload worthy and updated content regularly. This will not only invite traffic but rank your website better in the search engine results. Apart from articles and blogs, testimonials are a great way to add life to your website. Make sure you always leave space for the customers to give their review while designing the website.

Best Small Business Website Design Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration for the web design of your website, look no further. Below are some examples of websites of small businesses that have left a mark on the internet with their presence.

Craft Coffee

The website of Craft Coffee is simple, stylish, and straightforward. It takes the visitors no time to find what tshey’re looking for. That’s how a small business website should be – simple and straightforward.


htmlBurger is a small web design services company. The business may still be unknown, but its website is surely impactful. A flat design and simple explanation of what the company offers gives the visitors just the right idea of what the business is all about.


It is a small business that helps people find nearby doctors. While it is still a new name in the field, the web design is truly commendable. The visitor is prompted to run a search query for a doctor a soon as they open the website. Now, the business understands that the visitor may not have the time to look around for the search options, and hence, they made the search bar a part of their homepage. That’s the kind of dedication a small business needs to show to become big!

Closing Word

Using the best web design services does the maximum part of building a great website for a small business. However, what really matters is how customer-oriented the website is. The ease and convenience for the visitors should always be the top priority of all businesses, both big and small.


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