Tips for International Relocation
Tips for International Relocation

We often have to shift our homes from one place to another, because of various reasons like transfer to a new office, higher studies, etc. But how to complete this hectic work of relocation without any stress, since it’s difficult to do all the job like packing, moving and unpacking by ourselves.

Tips for International Relocation

For this, we should take the help of some services from packers and movers in Mumbai. They have years of experience in taking out this task. Their working force has practiced their job so well that now they can perform it in the best possible manner due to which this long process becomes efficient.

But what to do if a person wants to shift their home internationally and settle in foreign? How to hire the correct packers and movers for the relocation? One should contact call2shift international shifting services who have a long list of moving companies who are into this business from long ago. You have to hire them.

They provide you with the correct packers and movers in your city according to your requirement at an affordable price.

In this way, you can hire packers and movers that do international shifting. But what are the things that we should take care of? Following are the top 13 essential tips for international relocation: –

Get a long-term Visa: –

Whenever you look for relocating to another country, don’t forget to get a long term visa first. Go to the office or check through the internet for various periods of Visas available for particular countries. The type of Visa you will get depends on the reason you are moving to the country. It can be a permanent or temporary residency, work, business, a tourist visa, and many other reasons.

Passport correctness: –

Passport is the primary document to move to any place by plane. This means it is necessary to keep it updated as it gets expired after some particular amount of time. So one should check this thing and make the new password before moving to other places.

Cancel your mobile plan: –

If you know the date when you will move to other countries, Cancel the ongoing plans on your registered mobile number. If you are unsure about the moving date, you can suspend the plans for 90 days twice in a row.

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Cancel your rent lease: –

If you are renting someplace, then you must cancel the lease before moving to another country. You can stay at some of your relative’s space some days before the day of movement.

Cancel the membership: –

Cancel the membership of every month or annually charged facilities like gyms, clubs, etc.

Change the mail address: –

If you are shifting to some other country and do not live separately with your parents, you should re-route your mail address to the parent’s home address so that they can get all the emails you would have received if they remain in the same country.

Federal and state taxes: –

Make a note of the federal and state taxes you will have to pay after reaching a new country. This is because every country takes some or other kind of taxes from its citizens for the services provided. The taxes remain the same for the newcomers coming to a particular country.

Meet all the least minute health-related appointments: –

One should not forget to take care of their health before moving abroad and take appointments from the doctors before the date of leaving. Some countries strictly ask for the health documents of people at the airport at the time of arrival. And even if we keep this point aside, it’s important to know before reaching a new place that your body is healthy enough to face the exertion you will suffer while settling in a new place.

Vision tests, dental check-ups, Physical check-ups, women’s gynecological check-ups, dermatological check-ups are some general healthcare check-ups you should do before moving to another country.

Change your Car Insurance: –

If you are relocating to another country, you should change the insurance of the car you have. You can only cancel the insurance in case of selling it.

Keep your certificates up to date: –

Make sure you keep your CPR, ACLS, and other extra certificates updated before the day of movement arrives. Keep at least your one state license active. And for it, do the correct online CUE’s.

Get Travel Debit or Credit card: –

One should get a good bank’s Travel Debit or Credit card so that they can internationally pay for the various services they will consume there.

Pets issue: –

Check before moving to the new country whether you can take your pet to that place or not. It’s important before the day of movement because most of the countries do not accept the arrival of pets coming up with their new citizens.

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Take care of plants: –

If you are moving internationally, it’s crucial to move your plants with extra care. Pin small holes on the plant and then Keep them in plastic cover even before some days of the movement. This will keep them safe from the outer environmental changes.

Conclusion: –

With all the above points it’s equally important to pack all the general kinds of stuff like clothes, shoes, medicines, electric appliances, grocery items, etc. nicely. By keeping all these points in mind and bringing them into action, one can have a happy relocation abroad.


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