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When you aim to enhance the productivity, while keeping the downtime in control, ensuring the complete security of your company’s data and information becomes necessary. Beefing up the security of your network, devices, and data is important as these are the vulnerable points for your business which can lead to data breaches and security threats for your organization, along with hacking, leaking of sensitive information of your company as well as of your customers.

When you are trying to do that, you need to get in touch with a provider of managed IT services in Atlanta or Boulder, and ensure that you are following a few necessary security compliance policies diligently. Take a look at the following policies no matter whether you are working from the office or remotely.

managed IT services

  1. Security Incident Response Policy:

Unfortunate incidents like a security breach, hacking and data theft are inevitable. In situations like this, it is necessary that your in-house team as well as the provider of managed IT service Atlanta you are hiring should respond promptly. The steps like understanding the responsibilities, strategy of communication, containment and the process of reporting, all these steps should be pre-planned in order to minimize the risk and downtime so that you can also control damage and loss. This is a necessary policy for any company so that it can operate properly and ensure quick disaster management.

  1. Asset Management Policy:

In order to ensure foundational security control, it is necessary that the technology footprint of your company is well-monitored and managed. That is why asset management policy should be there in place when you are trying to manage all the assets and the connection forbeefing more security, for your network and system.

  1. System and Device Baseline Security Policy:

When you are expanding your business and increasing the numbers of systems and devices; before you connect them with the network and start operating them, it is necessary that you implement the basic configuration of security in them. This way, these systems and devices will not keep any window open for security breaches.

  1. Account and Password Policy:

This policy takes care of more than just the general account and the passwords. Instead of just complying with the minimum length of password or basic complexity, it is necessary that your systems have different types of accounts with multiple layer of authentication or one-time-password verification (or OTP). This way, you and the MSP can establish additional control over your devices, systems and access to the network.

  1. Security Logging Policy:

Having a sound logging policy and strategy in place is necessary in order to handle incidents of security breaches. The MSP you are hiring is not only responsible to help you figure out how does cloud storage work but also to ensure 24/7 monitoring of the devices and systems. That is why a centralized logging system is effective to mitigate risks and handle situations when security is threatened.

  1. Endpoint Security Policy:

Often the endpoints for a company can become the vulnerable point for getting access to the systems and network of the company. This is why a company should work on a sound endpoint security policy so that the endpoints can have the proper security enforced and that can keep the security breaches at bay.

  1. Mobile Device Management and Access Policy:

Given the changing work environment globally, a company should have mobile device management and access policy to minimize the instances that can threaten the security as well as bring about the leaking of sensitive data from your system. When a part of your workforce is working remotely and accessing the network with mobile devices, this policy will help you safeguard the network and information.

So, now as you know about these policies, what are you waiting for?  Hire WideData Corporation or any similar MSP, and discuss your policies with them.


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