Search engines have a big problem. Which is? They can’t follow a link to a new page. The more links you have to your page – the better – but please give them a new link every time you make changes. In the old days – oh yeah – a year ago – you could create a page, submit it to a ton of search engines, create another page that would link back to the first page, and that was it. You would create a formula with anchor text that would hopefully send traffic from one page to another.

Then a few weeks later you would do the exact same process over again and guess what – the traffic and the ranking would stay the same. Chammach Agency one of the Top Notch SEO Company India. Time frames – between 1 and 6 months is how long it usually takes for any real rankings to happen. Search engine models are not programmed to be responsive to frequent changes, so when they make a change – it is time to re-optimize.

How to use links effectively:

Nowadays content is king. I am sure that most of us have heard that before, but it is so important to keep it in mind. You need to get your content to the right people. That being said, where do you find the right people?

One of my favorite ways to hitch up on the right people is through the use of Social Bookmarking sites. These sites are incredible. First of all, they are completely free. Second, they provide you with incredible amounts of traffic. And third, they allow you to instantly get “backlinks” that are pointing back to your content, and traffic. Second, they require you to post a link back to your content within about 3-5 minutes of posting a new article or video on your profile. That means you don’t have to wait for Titles to write more. Third, you can find tons of them, and post to them regularly.

For example, I have over 100 Social Bookmarking profiles. I use many of them daily. I do not use all of them but some I do use and that is the most popular one. It allows me to interact with my visitors. That being said, I do spend at least 1 hour a day building relationships with people who have shared my content. That is one of the benefits of Social Bookmarking.

When I use “the people” who represent the reader/visitor from the bookmarking site, I do reference them. For example, I wrote an article on Social Shopping. When I posted it on the bookmarking site, I wrote a part about the people of the world, and the very first thing I wrote was their names.

Another example. I just finished writing another article on voice-to-text to study. I posted it on, of all, the most popular article directories. I knew I was posting to the ones that everyone knows about – Articlesfoctory – but I wanted to see if I could get a “tail” around the article. The only way of doing that was to create a “link” to the voice studies eBook from each article directory. Here is what the formatting looked like – (remember formatting is always my problem)

a) Omissions divisions

b) broken link reporting

c) universal resource searching (oodles of words referring to sections)

d) spawned from “the people”

e) prioritized search (fluff)


What I am saying is that you need to be very aware of what you are doing when you are using Social Bookmarking as part of your SEO campaign. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is that they take dozens of chances. They post the same thing to half of the sites and hope something will work. The reality is it won’t work. You have to be incredibly strong and logical to avoid that pitfall. Keep your focus on one link at a time and try not to rely on anyone’s source. When you are doing this, don’t expect any fast results. Give yourself time to get those links indexed, and you will start to see the traffic flowing in and out of your site.


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