Mobile automation Testing companies provide the most effective testing outcomes for your product by conducting various essential tests for your application and software at different stages. Therefore, your users get a flawless app interface and a perfect user experience. 

Bugs, defects and errors are a part of testing process and you can expect it to occur at any stage of Testing. But not all defects result in failure. When the defect reaches to the client or end user, it results in Software Failure. 

Failure and its causes

It can be understood as the inability of the application or software to perform its required functions with respect to the application’s performance specifications. It can occur due to a number of reasons such as testing environmental conditions, not noticing the presence of any bugs and errors, hacker or due to any human mistake while testing. 

Let’s discuss the possible reasons that cause a failure.

  • Incorrect environmental conditions while Testing is executed. It can be strong radiations or electro – magnetic field that can strongly influence the testing process or the results.
  • Human error or unintentional mistake when an incorrect input value is entered by developer or a Quality Assurance Tester can lead to a complete product failure.
  • When the testing results are being misread or misinterpreted, a Software Failure can arise.
  • A product failure can occur by any loopholes or defects that go unnoticed and are run during testing without fixing.
  • A QA Tester or application developer deliberately trying to cause a system failure by changing any codes or introducing bugs in the product.

How can you avoid Failure for your Product?

  • Investing in the finest iOS and android automation testing solutions to make sure their product delivers a flawless and ultimate user experience.
  • Engaging with a skillful and experienced software developer at initial level.
  • Giving correct information about your product specifications and requirements to the QA Tester.
  • Paying attention to the Software Testing inputs and outputs.
  • Fixing the bugs and defects as soon as you notice them.
  • Ensure that Software Testing is a tedious and a long ongoing process for delivering the correct results, which may take weeks, months or even years, depending on the type of Product.

It’s obvious that your software and application are very much prone to a failure by even the minutest misinformation or mistake. But as a product owner and application developer you can consider taking these measures to prevent software failure from your side.


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