RV and marine toilet tissue

Most of us fail us to consider the importance of toilet tissues and the role it plays in the plumbing issues related to septic tanks and pipes. We always consider whether a toilet roll is skin-friendly or not, or how smooth it feels on the skin and other factors of this sort. However, one thing that most of us fail at considering is how safe is a particular toilet paper roll for our septic tanks and pipes.

If your septic tanks or pipes get clogged every now and then and you spend a good amount on your plumber, it’s high time you consider your toilet tissue and switch to RV softness toilet tissue roll. These toilet tissues dissolve quickly and do not clog the septic tank or the pipes whatsoever. The other toilet tissues do not dissolve easily and they clog the septic tanks and pipes which leads to blockages in the long run.

Another vital thing to consider while looking for a toilet paper roll is the source of paper that goes into its making. The virgin toilet paper is made from fresh paper which is specifically manufactured for producing these. On the other hand, the recycled toilet paper uses already available paper from sources such as magazines, newspapers and others to produce the toilet papers. So, switching to recycled toilet tissues is a better option as it is environmentally-sustainable. In other words, no new trees are cut for the purpose of especially yielding wood to make paper from it.

In conclusion, use toilet tissue rolls that are both septic tanks and environmentally friendly. Also, to keep most of the plumbing issues at bay switch to RV and marine toilet tissue.


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